Emerging and Established Business Ventures

GSRJ not only assists its clients in maintaining and protecting their wealth—GSRJ helps them create it. In this regard, GSRJ professionals readily apply their own business and legal expertise to counsel and advise their entrepreneurial clients in planning, structuring, and implementing corporate and partnership investment and business entities, and provide legal counsel for their recurring and nonrecurring transactions, such as:

•    Buy-sell agreements
•    Angel and later round debt and equity financing (investor and investee)
•    Executive compensation
•    Equity compensation
•    Vendor/customer relationships
•    Strategic joint ventures
•    Succession planning
•    Mergers and acquisitions
•    Corporate reorganizations
•    Private exit and other liquidity transactions

GSRJ delivers these services to clients in a variety of industries from real estate investment and development, to technology and other services, to manufacturing and distribution of consumer tangible products. For their clients’ start-up entities, GSRJ professionals apply their tax, legal, and business expertise to ensure their clients conceive and incubate their entrepreneurial ventures on sound footing. As to those entities entering mature operational and exit phases (or those already there), GSRJ professionals assist their clients in maintaining the course through both the expected and unexpected occurrences along the path to wealth creation. When significant monetization and liquidity events occur, GSRJ can summon its experience in the estate, insurance, and asset protection areas to maintain and protect the resulting wealth in a tax-efficient manner.

When clients expand internationally, GSRJ professionals assist them with proper planning and structuring of in- and out-bound cross-border transactions, as well as with strategic offshore placement of business assets for asset protection and tax planning purposes. In a global marketplace, almost any client can find themselves faced with the prospect of tapping foreign markets. GSRJ stands ready to prepare for and guide those efforts. With the assistance of GSRJ’s many foreign contacts and peers, GSRJ is optimally positioned to provide prompt, efficient, and effective guidance.


Cindy L. Grossman

Ms. Grossman has a breadth of experience in corporate and partnership formation and operation, entity conversion and reorganization, business planning, business succession, and asset protection planning.

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Steven D. Baker

Mr. Baker advises on a wide variety of estate and business succession, charitable giving, and estate and trust administration matters.

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Sandra Bonham

Ms. Bonham's main focus is assisting clients with establishing their domestic estate planning structures and the administration of decedents’ estates.

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Carol S. Kohler

Ms. Kohler supports the firm’s income and estate tax attorneys in the design and implementation of domestic and international entity structures.

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Lucas T. Robitaille

Mr. Robitaille's primary focus is supporting the firm's PPLI and tax compliance work.

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