U.S. and International Tax Planning

A common denominator and distinguishing feature of GSRJ attorneys and other professionals is their deep and thorough understanding of U.S. and foreign tax and entity issues—an understanding that is essential to an effective estate, asset protection, and entity planning practice, both in the U.S. and abroad.

GSRJ professionals are trained and committed to understanding the intricacies and nuances of state and federal income tax, estate and gift tax, state franchise tax, and the various charitable tax regimes. This training and commitment allows them to work with clients to define their goals, and to design and implement creative strategies to achieve those goals, always with an eye on optimum tax results. The professionals at GSRJ strive to use their collective understanding of tax issues to meet each client’s individual needs within the context of all relevant tax environments. Individual GSRJ professionals each focus on distinct facets of tax law, but all maintain a broad-based understanding and appreciation of income, estate and gift tax matters. As a collaborative group, they can recognize, react to, and shape the universe of tax implications that arise from virtually any transaction in which their clients may engage.

The professionals at GSRJ are well versed in the U.S. and international tax aspects of using alternative structures for the ownership of business and investment property. Their expertise includes the effective and efficient formation and taxation of pass-through entities, such as trusts and family limited partnerships, and taxable entities, such as foreign and domestic corporations. When helping a client choose the proper entity through which to conduct their business or hold investments, we tailor the entity to the client by considering such factors as (1) the client’s personal preferences, (2) the level of control the client wishes to maintain over the business operation, (3) the degree of liability protection needed by the client, (4) the desired income tax treatment (e.g., separate corporate taxation, flow-through tax treatment, or disregarded entity treatment), (5) the desired estate and gift tax treatment, (6) the preferred entity form based on the type of business or investment operations, and (7) the appropriate state or foreign law jurisdiction. By taking into account each of these factors, GSRJ can choose and structure the entity form—whether it is a trust, corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company, or other entity form—to fit each client’s individual situation. After helping the client implement a business entity, we continue to educate and assist the client in the proper administration of the entity, and to facilitate business succession planning to ensure the longevity of the business.

A significant aspect of GSRJ’s tax practice involves the representation of clients with tax controversies pending before the Internal Revenue Service and state tax agencies. GSRJ frequently deals with IRS examining agents and appeals officers in audits and administrative hearings. The firm’s attorneys are intimately familiar with tax filing and other compliance requirements, including those arising from cross-border and international transactions, and are experienced in the preparation, examination, and appeal of various federal and state tax and information returns.


Michael H. Ripp, Jr.

Mr. Ripp represents high net worth individuals and family offices in the design, implementation, and administration of domestic and international trust, investment, and life insurance structures.

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Amy P. Jetel

Ms. Jetel is focused on the design, implementation, and administration of international trust and entity structures and assists clients around the country and around the world with estate planning and asset protection.

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Cindy L. Grossman

Ms. Grossman has a breadth of experience in corporate and partnership formation and operation, entity conversion and reorganization, business planning, business succession, and asset protection planning.

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Steven D. Baker

Mr. Baker advises on a wide variety of estate and business succession, charitable giving, and estate and trust administration matters.

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Lauren Fitte

Ms. Fitte focuses on the design, implementation and administration of domestic and international estate and business plans for GSRJ’s clients.

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Peggy A. Ugent
Tax & Accounting

Ms. Ugent uses her extensive expertise and experience in U.S tax matters to counsel firm attorneys on income and transfer tax considerations.

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J. Ross Buchholtz
Tax & Accounting

Mr. Buchholz draws upon his extensive experience as a senior certified public accountant to advise clients on a variety of income and transfer tax matters.

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Carol S. Kohler

Ms. Kohler supports the firm’s income and estate tax attorneys in the design and implementation of domestic and international entity structures.

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